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5th-May-2009 04:31 pm - VERY OVERDUE POST: Rorschach Cosplay
Okay, so sorry I didn't post this MUCH sooner. I cosplayed as Rorschach to March Toronto Anime Con, which took place from March 21-22, and I was planning to put these up, but my photographer had some technical difficulties, and I got tired of waiting for the rest of the pictures, so I'll just post these for now. Sad to say, almost everything was bought.found around the house. The only things I made were the mask (4 hours, wtf?! XDD) and the ribbon on the hat XD.

((F-f-fake cut! :D))Collapse )((Investigate further...))Collapse )
4th-Apr-2009 10:57 pm - Walter Kovacs WIP...
I just got an idea for a project today, so here's a small WIP of what's to come :P

EnnnnkCollapse )
In which Walter confesses with total OOCness. Ph33r not, that's not what he's going to say :P</div>
7th-Aug-2008 09:28 am - Trafalgar Law-WIP
Yes, I'm back with ANOTHER One piece fanart--and this time It's Law. Why Law? BECAUSE HE'S SO F***ING AWESOME! He's my favorite Supernova aside from Zoro. And honestly, noone can resist him. His tattoos, fashion sense, and awesome attitude are just a few of the qualities that makes us fanirls go *squee* , or in my case *Omgiwannahavesexwithyou* XDD

Okay, well, that's enough explanation from me; onto the WIP!
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25th-Jul-2008 01:14 pm - PH33R Me! FOR I AM.........!

You are quiet, forceful, original, and intuitive.

You value order in your world, and keep things systematic. You trust your instincts a good deal, and might have trouble accepting others' opinions. You are usually peaceful, but can be driven to agitation or anger.

Wow, I was expecting something like Robin, since my personality's quite close to hers, but getting Mihawk makes me even happier! I love Mihawk..because he can wear girly clothing AND look manly at the same time! And plus he can pull off a weird mustache! Gah, I'm so happy XD
25th-Jul-2008 11:00 am - Smoace doodles! + Tashigi!
Phew! Okay, I was taking a break from colouring the SmoAce WIP that I posted yesterday, and I found a sheet of paper with some of my doodles(with no smoace on it yet), so i just doodled the pairing randomly, and it somehow snowballed to a smoace doodle, a youn smoker doodle, and a random smoacetashigi picture O_o

I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite proud of myself for drawing smoker and ace semi-accurately in black ink pen--without references! Um..as for Tashigi..yeah....complete disaster, non? ^-^; Oh, and if you want a larger version of this, just click the link below =3

(the large version)


As you can see from the doodle, I drew it on the other side of the same sheet of paper. I didn't think it would turn out this way so...woe is me D:. I was gonna show my mom the smoacetshigi doodle, but now that the other side of the paper has yaoi, i guess that option is no longer valid D:

Well, SmoAce is SmoAce, so here you go :P I'm starting to really enjoy drawing this couple because I can draw them better than I can draw ZoLu!(horray). But, yeah...Smoker's always kind of tricky, because if you make his eyes too big, or his face too thin, he doesnt look like Smoker anymore. *sigh* the challenge of drawing old-looking people u_u

But I still love you, Smoker <3

Anyways...young Smoker...yeah, I guess his age would be 16/17 ish in the doodle. I'm willing to bet my entire nonexistant yaoi collection that Smoker was really hot as a teen. I'm serious. o_o

(the large version...again)

In case you guys can't see the bottom right corner doodle very well, here it is:

Can I say that Ace is such an animal? ;) *gets boo'ed by everyone*

Thanks for viewing! :)
31st-Jan-2008 12:43 pm - YAY WALTER/HENRY FLUFF!

So I was browsing the shslash community after a loong time of not being on LJ, and I found sooo much awesome fanart. *o*. I just couldn't resist posting my favorite shslash pairing XD. Took me 5-10 minutes, I'd make it better if i wasn't so impatient xD

Oh, and I'm really sorry about henry's arm...it looks really awkward, i know. But yeah...I drew it with ballpoint pen, so i couldn't fix it x-x;;

Henry: What have you done?!!! I can't feel my arm anymore ;o;
Walter: I'll kiss it better ;)
Henry: O-owww! You're making it worse ;_;
Walter: It's pain for pleasure, baby ;))
19th-Nov-2006 08:46 pm - The xenosaga phase
Okay, so i've started replaying xenosaga 2, and I managed to finish it, and th ending, well, it was suggestive. It suggested one pairing that I found rather cute, amusing, and hot. It's called albedo/rubedo and yes, it's incest. However, albedo looks like a grown man while jr's still an adolescent. Oh.noes. xD so anyways, i did a practice draw of the two abd this is what I came up with:

.............lol. yep, inspired by a fic I read. comments? xp
24th-Aug-2006 08:35 am - fanart time! xD gucci/chris

A brief sketch i did on my tablet of officer gucci/chris da silva =)

Sorry for the messyness! it was a spur of the moment thing xD

By the way, it's chris on the left and gucci on the right. I can't draw chris. i fail at life x_x
22nd-Aug-2006 05:20 pm - What intercepts with love
Alright....this is my first attempt at a live journal fanfic, so bear with me. The pairing here is officer gucci/chris desilva from silent hill the movie. I know most of you would think of this as bullshit right off the bat, but please..read on and see what i have to offer.


Three days.............

........or was it three weeks? months? Hell, one's brain can't even function properly when one is at their peak of anxiety.


Her name brings me back to that day when I lost her....I lost her but her perfume still wavers in the air. I knew, deep within my gut, that it was her. I know it's stupid...she's not there...I couldn't hear, or even see a trace. They say scent is the number one sense that initiates memories. Here I lay....holding onto her favorite perfume, the last hint of what's left of her. Maybe I've been lying to myself all along. Maybe she was the only one i was looking for all along......Sharon....you're a very lucky child....and I was a very lucky man....

I shift my glance to the clean and pristine walls of what is known as my "home". The modern decor, the thousand-dollar vases. The large, quadruple bedrooms that have three rooms too many. Despite the warm sunshine, everything seems dark to me. It just doesn't make any sense. Where in this WORLD could my wife and daughter possibly be? I know that Silent Hill is the only reasonable place they could've gone to. The clues are all placed right in front of me....and yet this equation has no solution. Every variable, every possibility has been carried out. I've had one important source of information, and yet he has a safe of a mouth. What could Rose have possibly stumbled upon that I missed? Do I believe in fate? Bullshit.

After grabbing the keys to my silver cadillac, I subconsciously drove to the cafe that has now become a daily part of my life. Life is all about routine. I wouldn't skip mine for the world...unless if it was for her....

I arrive at my usual parking space , and walked inside the familiar atmosphere known as Pam's Coffee shop. The friendly cashier labelled Rachel greeted me with her unfaltering smile, ready to order.

"Good afternoon sir. What can i do for ya?"

"The usual. Irish cream. Medium. Extra cream, no sugar."

"Coming right up, sir! And..that'll be $4.50."

My hand reached out for the exact change on the green marble counter. I almost envy how people can live their lives as free as doves, without concern. Suddenly, theinviting scent of coffee was placed beside the change. The cash was accepted, so I let my eyes drift to an open seat. At this time of day, it's the peak of business. Luckily, an open space with a table waited idlely at a dark corner of the cafe. Just as I approached the seat, another man approached across from me.

"Oh, sorry...you can sit.."

"No, that's okay...you can take it..."

The man seemed taken aback, as he lifted his hat and revealed......officer gucci?

"Chris Da Silva? Well....it's been a while hasn't it?" said man grinned and offered a hand. I was equally surprised, as I hurriedly took his hand in a handshake.

"Officer Gucci, what a coincidence..." I sat down on the seat as he pulled up another chair, sitting across from me.

"Well, how's life? It's great too see that you didn't do anything drastic over these three months."

So it's been three months.....

"Drastic.....well I wouldn't do anything drastic in case I found my wife..." I replied with confidence.

Gucci nodded, keeping his mouth shut, preventing himself from sharing his look on the situation. I simply let it slide.....if I were in his shoes, i'd probably think the same.

"Well have you ever...you know...." he started uncomfortably, motioning to two young women on the other side of the room. I gave a scowl, shaking my head.

"Look, I'm sorry.."

"No, it's fine. I...I don't do that kind of stuff." I replied, taking a sip of my coffee, and exhaling a deep sigh.

"That's good to know. Rose is very lucky to have a husband like you..." replied the officer, taking a sip from his cup of cappucino.

I couldn't help but laugh a little at the statement.

"No...I'm the lucky one...having her as a wife. Or I WAS lucky, at least..... Life..just isn't the same, you know? Honestly...if I had the chance..I would've taken her and sharon to Silent Hill. If I'd only known...I would've gladly accepted the same fate as them..."

There was silence.....uncomfortable silence. I sighed and shook those thoughts away, ready to start a new conversation.

"Anyways....this coffee shop is my daily hangout. What are you here for?"

This time, he gave a long, exasperated sigh and set his cup of cappucino down on the table.

"I got transferred........to the city." he finally replied, and finished what's left of his drink. I didn't do much but nod in sympathy.

"Gotta move into an apartment now...say goodbye to my friends....start a whole new life."

"Well where's your apartment?" I asked, trying to make small talk.

"Lewisburg." growled Thomas Gucci. I guess it's hard to leave the place where you've spent most of your life at.

"That's a three hour drive from here...." I pondered. "My house is ten minutes from this cafe. You can stay the night if you want. The cappucino's not really helping you with your energy, is it?" I finished, earning a raised eyebrow from the other man.

"You're sharp...as always, Christopher Da Silva. If it isn't any trouble for you...it's been a long week...and I could really use a good night of sleep.", replied the cop, rubbing his exhausted eyes with his fingers.

"No problem...I could use some more conversation right about now. Mumbling to myself has made me question my sanity many times."

"Alright then, lead the way."

The short trip to home slightly reminded me of the last time I've had guests.... In fact, I remember it was a therapist for Sharon's condition. Back when they were still here...

I was awakened from my trance by the slam of a door being shut. I fished out the house keys from my coat pocket and opened my door into the bleak, white shell of a house. Gucci, however, looked around my house with interest.

"Wow....what did you do to make such an income?" he asked absentmindedly.

"I'm a lawyer. I debate, research, and prove people wrong," I replied bitterly.

"Sounds fun. So, where's my room?" The officer asked, marching upstairs.

"Guest room's on your left."

I followed him, as we both entered the abandoned guest room. The dark blue and purple walls are accented with a hint of gold, and illuminated by warm lights drilled into them. The far end of the room has an oakwood king-sized bed, and the floor is covered with the large, royal carpet that was on sale at an auction five years back. Blue silk curtains waved in the air, as a cool autumn breeze slithered into the room.

A comfortable silence settled between us as we watched the night sky take over. The faint sight of the moon loomed in the sky, without stars or clouds. A clear, crisp night. Another breeze sent a shiver down my back. This strangely reminded me of..

And before I could stop myself, I felt my body edge closer and closer to Gucci's. He turned his head at me, almost as if----

The gap between our lips came to a close, as I suddenly realized how long it's been since I've felt the warmth or comfort of another human being. I perked up at the sensation of his arms wrapping themselves around my waist, while he sensually responded to my kiss. Emotions I haven't felt for a long time crushed me like a tidal wave, as I felt my body collapsing onto the bed already. Surprise suddenly shocked me into realisation as I hastily separated from the kiss.

"I'm sorry. Look, this isn't what--"

A gentle hand covered my open mouth...

"It's okay. All males get desperate at some point. It's common." he replied soothingly, as if he completely understood what I'm going through right now.

"And what about you? Are you doing this for me or are you g--"

The familiar pair of lips closed in on mine,follwed by what felt like his body settling on top of mine.

"I know that your heart still belongs to Rose. You..just..looked like you really needed it."

"I.." A pause. "I...guess I do." I admitted, observing his reaction.

"Then, in that case...I'll give you what you need. Just for tonight."


Staring into his eyes...I see a man with a completely different side that I have discovered. I gave a relaxing sigh at the hand stroking my hair, and settled into the soft pillow.

"So.....do you think Rose is....gone?" asked Gucci softly.

"No...her dying is the last theory on my mind right now. She's a survivor." I replied, proudly.

"Then you just need to wait for her to come back to you. That's all." Gucci said with a grin.

"And you can finally get your beauty rest." I spoke back, with a smirk.

"Yeah....you got that right..." he yawned and pulled me into a loose embrace.

Tomorrow's a new day. Who knows what could happen......we'll all move on with our lives, and somewhere along the way, my daily routine would be broken once again. Hopefully this time...by Rose.



Well...was that what you guys expected? I didn't want to make this story too lusty. I wanted to kind of differentiate the feeling of "lust" and "love". Christopher and gucci was an act of lust, but deep down, christopher still loves rose. yeah....well, I hope you guys liked my first attempt at an unusual pairing. Over and out!


(btw, I was listening to Tears Of, You're not here, theme of laura, promise(reprise), letters, and Laura plays the piano repeatedly while i was writing this. 2 hours ago, I had finished watching the movie..for the second time :D)
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